The Impact Of Covid-19 On Plumbing, Electricity, Heating & Cooling (HVAC) Surprises

ALL GOOD PLUMBING, ELECTRIC, HEATING & COOLING, a local HVAC, plumbing and electrical supplier of the American Residential Services (ARS) Brands Network, is providing a new HVAC unit to Anna Johnson, an ARS Cares Distinguished Nurse. Health Heroes Program. The program is initiative to rewards free services, for this purpose  to use best multimeter for home repair & healthcare professionals all around the country during the current COVID-19 crisis.

“Our community health workers have worked tirelessly to keep us safe, and recognizing their efforts to install a new HVAC system has been an easy way to provide them with a comfortable and safe environment in which they can return home,” said Craig Marin.

Anna was nominated by colleagues and patients to win the new HVAC system. Anna is the leader of her team, she teaches professional development classes for her peers and volunteers in research / surveys of hospital equipment related to her work. Anna is dedicated to her patients and staff, totally dedicated to medicine and helping everyone she can. A few years ago, she donated bone marrow to save a stranger’s life, and most recently she signed up for a plasma donation to help patients with Covid 19. She survived breast cancer and continued to work tirelessly as a nurse between chemotherapy and radiation therapy. The installation of Johnson’s new HVAC unit was completed on June 17th.

Following the announcement of the ARS Cares Healthcare Heroes program on May 13, family, friends and colleagues were invited to share stories of why one of Atlanta’s foremost workers deserved a home improvement that would bring relief and relaxation. ARS has received over 400 nominations.

The ARS Cares Initiative was launched in 2016 to develop positive relationships with the communities in which we live, work and play. Since then, more than 90 home maintenance renovations have been completed, resulting in over $ 500,000 in donations to deserving HVAC and water heater recipients. To learn more about ARS Cares and to view the official terms and conditions, visit

Florida’s home air conditioning system, part of the American chain of home service brands, surprised Jacksonville resident Gordon Scott with a home service update on July 1. Scott was nominated to win the new HVAC system through the nationwide ARS Cares program. efforts to identify those in need.

Gordon has been battling cancer for a year now and recently lost his wife. He lives on a very limited income and currently only has a window air conditioner in his house. The new HVAC system will provide Gordon with daily comfort from the summer heat.

HVAC Online and Virtual Reality Training

With a growing shortage of skilled labor in the United States, exacerbated by the global pandemic, traditional training programs cannot meet the industry’s demand for skilled workers. The collaboration between Interplay Learning and NATE – the industry leaders in online skills training and HVACR certification respectively – means professions are ready to safely move into the future of learning. Doug Donovan, CEO of Interplay Learning, says, “We’re thrilled to partner with NATE to help the HVAC industry train technicians & electrical technicians more safely and effectively through online learning.”

The well-known format is called “micro-learning” at the heart of the Interplay SkillMill platform, is now directly linked to the NATE attestation program, available as preparatory classes for the new NATE certification program. “Promoting the industry is a priority for the organization,” said Anthony Spagnoli, director of testing and training at NATE. He adds: “By offering distance learning online with direct access to certification, we can modernize and expand.” The introduction of NATE’s new Certified HVAC Professional (CHP-5) certification alternative allows users to achieve NATE certification through shorter subject exams.

The CHP-5 offers a series of short exams of 30 questions on functional areas of commerce as an alternative to the longer and more comprehensive CORE and specialty exams. Although the two programs cover the same material, this new offer offers technicians a more flexible path for training and obtaining certification.

Current collaboration is possible today because the virtual technical training relevant to Interplay Learning’s work is aligned with NATE’s objective of measuring the practical competence of technicians. Both organizations recognize that the intention is not to replace practical training, but to offer a learning model that promotes the advancement of skills and measurement.

Doug Donovan said that: “This flexible model supports practical exercise efforts and makes that time more appreciated and effective.” He explains: “In simulated training, you can practice hundreds of scenarios in the field in a session that can take years to be seen in the field”. 3D simulations and VR-based training reinforce and add to hands-on training, producing job-relevant skills that pave the way for certification.

Through the micro-learning format, Interplay’s accessible online training puts technicians in control of the advancement of their careers. NATE’s corresponding CHP-5 certification exam series allows technicians to develop skills and increase credentials at higher rates than traditional paths have allowed.

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