Apps Every Small Business Should Use!

Launching a business takes risk. It doesn’t matter if it’s a low scale startup or a huge enterprise; without the important resources or tools, the chances of profitability and success drop significantly low for your business. Every entrepreneur enters the business sector with only one thing in mind: to survive. No matter what their end goal is, staying relevant in a competitive market is a huge challenge. To help businesses compete skillfully, many companies and developers built apps and resources.  

Running a small business means you’re always on the go-to pitch clients, build relationships, manage inventories, creating brand loyalty until it starts feeling like a lifestyle. Technology is ever-evolving, and the way it has managed to revolutionize and fit into every industry is nothing short of incredible. No matter what kind of industry your business is targeting, you need technological tools to help you stay ahead of the competition. A mobile phone is not only a handy communication tool; it is, in fact, a social tool. People run their million-dollar businesses from their phones and they can only do that by trusting mobile-friendly apps with their businesses.  

Just by simply shopping around the app store, you can find powerful management, communication, finance, and cloud resources to transform your small business! Mobile apps help your business run smoothly, efficiently, and in an organized manner.  Finding the right apps to manage your business gives you more time to focus on other tasks efficiently. But before you download these apps, make sure you have strong internet connectivity for a smooth overall experience. For high-speed internet and fast downloads, Frontier internet service will be the perfect pick for you!

Down below, we’ve categorized the best apps to help you manage your business more efficiently. Check them out, and start transforming your business!

Cloud Computing Apps

Living in the digital age, we have a lot to be grateful for. And most of our blessings come directly from technology. Staying connected is a huge concern for many businesses. If the CEOs, marketers, managers, or designers can’t communicate and be on the same page, accomplishing daily goals will be next to impossible! Communication is important and having everyone on the same page keeps the business running smooth. This is why shifting your data center on the cloud will not keep everyone in the loop, but it will also help the team members delegate tasks efficiently. Some popular cloud computing apps used to organize ideas and share files are:

  • G Suite

G Suite by Google allows you to share files from all your devices, i.e., tablets, phones, and PCs. It’s a one-stop solution for all your basic business functions, and it offers all intelligent business apps under a single roof. You have access to different packages and online storage, depending on your needs. You can enjoy the free version as well as an upgrade to a premium one with unlimited storage!

  • Evernote

As an entrepreneur, you have a lot going on your mind making It impossible to remember everything. You need a personal assistant in times like these, and Evernote is the perfect virtual pick for you! It’s an app that allows you to store documents, create sheets, and organize notes through text, voice, or image! Did you just have a brilliant idea you want to pen down? Share it with Evernote and keep it safe in your notes! You don’t have to worry about forgetting your best ideas anymore. With $14.99 a month, you can upgrade to a business account!

Communication Apps

In today’s age, it’s important to stay connected through multiple communication channels. These apps are designed to simplify virtual communication on the go!

  • Skype

Skype has been in the market for years, and the reason it’s doing so well is that it allows smooth team communication. It’s a trustworthy app that offers everything on a single platform. Video conferencing, chatting, and calling is the basic features it offers. With the free calling feature, it’s easy to connect with businesses and clients beyond borders.

  • Slack

Slack is the go-to app for most onsite and remote businesses. The platform allows teams to communicate internally through different channels. From group messages to video calls, Slack allows effective and efficient communication on all fronts. Whether you want to send a collective group message to a specific team, or have a one to one session with a member, sign up on Slack and stay connected!

  • Rocket.Chat

This business communication app is simple yet powerful. The features and plans are many for an open-source app. Their Pro plan charges $3 a month per user for unlimited messages and business support. Not only will you have access to unlimited messages, but you can enjoy a fully customizable interface!

Travel Networking Apps

Often at times, small business owners will find themselves on the go in the initial stages of their businesses. And staying connected to your business and team is difficult while traveling. However, thanks to technology, these travel apps are designed to ease traveling as an entrepreneur!

  • TripIt

This popular travel app works flawlessly in managing your business tasks on the go.  You can now arrange your business meetings, schedules, information, itineraries, flight details, and times under one roof. It also updates you on weather conditions, directions, and maps. Sign up on TripIt and access your plans from anywhere!

  • Smartr

Networking is a critical part of running a business. From personal relationships to professional relationships, expanding your network in every possible way keeps your business running. Smartr takes full responsibility for handling the increasing number of contacts in your network. From the contacts on your messaging apps to those on social media accounts, Smartr brings them together in a single location.

Finance Apps

Keeping track of receipts is a huge challenge. Thanks to these apps, you never have to worry about making mathematical errors.

  • Expensify

Tracking expenses is not easy but with Expensify on your phone; you have nothing to worry about. No matter how many platforms your business is running on, Expensify can keep track of all expenses easily. The app can read expenses and import them from a bank account or card. It can also scan and upload receipts.

  • InDinero

InDinero is your personal financial advisor. With InDinero on your phone, you can manage your monthly expenses hassle-free. The app is synced with your bank account, which then helps you predict monthly profits and cash flow.

The Bottom Line

Technology has made everything super convenient and accessible for us, and mobile apps effectively manage every business task. With these apps, you never have to worry about work efficiency ever again!

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