It is said that if life gives you lemon make lemonade. So, when talking about the relation between technology and life, you can make it quite easy by working with both in hand. Technology can make your life easy and Hubside is here to tell you how you can make it.

Below mentioned are the 5 technology tricks that will make your life easy and you can easily do the work in no time:


Now the payment methods are made easy. No need to carry cash with you when you can easily pay through different online resources like online banking, QR codes, and different type of cards. Through the online payment gateways integrated on different platforms, you can now easily place an order and pay online. Never mind what bank you are using it is now made easy that you can shop your favorite brand just by sitting at home. So, now save your time and shop from your favorite platform, and enjoy your shopping.


Gone are the days when you visit the grocery store just to buy groceries. Now, you can take your seats and sit back and relax. Order your groceries from the different platforms and either it is greengrocery or any other. You can now easily purchase it from the online grocery stores, and you can receive it within no time on your doorstep.


As people are becoming lazy bone johns so it is necessary to engage people in different kinds of exercising games where they leave their places and hunt for the things. For this, a new type of technology came into existence known as augmented reality. In augmented reality, you don’t see a thing but your mobile shows that it is happening over there. The best example of this is the Pokemon Go. In pokemon go, you need to look for the pokemon and battle going on in different places. Simply you just visit that place and play a battle. Through this you can easily move from your place had a walk as well and this type of exercise centered games will help you in living a healthy life.


Now the answers are just one click away. You just need to put your query and there you get a proper answer for all your problems and queries. Google and different search engines help you in getting the answer to your questions. No matter what field it is or what type of question it is the search engines are always ready to put a solution for you.


In the past decades, people used to write the letter which was delivered after a week or month depending upon the distance. But now as time passing by the distances are reduces and you can easily connect with your loved ones through voice and video calls. These calls free of cost without charging any money and you can easily talk for hours and hours with your loved ones.

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